Doctrinal Kernels

The menu below contains various subjects which are often of interest to Christians. Because it is the totality of doctrine that defines a religious fellowship rather than one or several isolated doctrines, we thought it helpful  to give brief summaries of many doctrines in the hope that the interrelationships of these may help to give the larger picture of Biblical teaching as we understand it.

It is important to understand at the outset that these “doctrinal kernels” are not attempts to prove positions or to be intensive or exhaustive treatments of these subjects. They are, as titled, only kernels—only the central ideas of each of the topics. In most cases very little attempt has been made to prove the points. Only key or primary scriptures are provided, not the multitude of supportive scriptures available for most of these doctrines. Likewise, no attempt has been made to deal with seemingly contradictory texts when they exist. Suffice it to say here that more in-depth considerations are available for nearly all of these doctrines. In a few instances, you will find additional literature, pertinent to the subject, offered in the body of these kernels. When this is not the case, it is likely that we do offer more extensive treatments of the subject which we can offer to you if your request it.

All of these doctrinal summaries are offered with the hope that the incredibly beautiful message of the Bible will be seen by those who seek it. Over the centuries, Christianity has lost most of its beautiful as well as rational message and has heaped in its place unreasonable and unpleasant substitutions. Our God and His purposes are so far beyond what we have dared to dream. May you rediscover what has been lost and has now been found.

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